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Vides risinājumu institūts (VRI) radījis brošūru, kurā soli pa solim aprakstīts, kādas darbības jāveic, lai esošo mel... Read more
Augusta pirmajā pusē Latvijas Dabas fonda pārstāvji apmeklēja trīs bioloģiskās zemnieku saimniecības, kuras projekta ... Read more
Noslēdzies seminārs “SEG emisiju novērtēšana lauksaimniecībā, mežsaimniecībā un citos zemes izmantojuma veidos”, ko o... Read more
Latvijas Dabas fonds sarunu festivālā LAMPA šogad piedalījās kopā ar Vides risinājumu institūtu un divas dienas ar da... Read more
At a time when climate change is becoming more and more visible in the daily lives of Latvians, Latvian Fund for Natu... Read more
We invite you to prepare for the next garden season now - by incorporating biochar into the soil in autumn. Read more
Direct sowing is one of the farming methods that allows farmers to work in a modern, innovative and climate-friendly ... Read more
For the third year, Latvian Fund for Nature has been implementing the LIFE CRAFT project, the aim of which is to intr... Read more
Direct sowing is one of the types of plowing technology. When working with this method, the only tillage operation is... Read more
December 5 marks World Soil Day around the world. This has been called for by the United Nations (UN) since 2013. Soi... Read more
Since 2009, the World Wide Fund for Nature, in cooperation with partner organizations in other countries, has been re... Read more
The "Special Report on Climate Change and Land Use" of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)... Read more
Climate change is now a crucial global issue, as well as halting and changing change in human activities. In Latvia, ... Read more