Open-door day on biochar

The Latvian Fund for Nature invites you to an open-door day on the use of biochar in agriculture. The event will take place on 10 October at 10.00 at Z/S "Mazbungas", located in Dāviņu parish, Bauskas county.

Registration for the event: 

Interested parties are invited to learn more about the use of biochar in agriculture. Biochar incorporation is considered one of the most promising technologies for storing carbon and reducing GHG emissions in agriculture. At the same time, it improves soil fertility, attracts moisture and reduces the amount of pollution from agriculture that reaches water. During the LIFE CRAFT project at “Mazbungas” farm, biochar incorporation is being tested in four different concentrations.

The owners of Mazbungas like to try new things and creative approaches, so they were keen to join the LIFE CRAFT project and test biochar incorporation in to the soil in an area where vegetables are grown.