Technical report on the implementation of controlled drainage

A report on the implementation of controlled drainage systems (CDS) was prepared by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) at the end of the year. The report covers the experience of IES in setting up CDS in two pilot areas - fields managed by SIA Tilbe and SIA Rožkalni in Meņģele and Smiltene vicinity. The IES started work in 2019, preparing construction designs and monitoring plans. The constructed CDS were commissioned in 2020 (in Meņģele) and 2022 (in Smiltene).

The report details the process of construction of the CDS - from conception to commissioning. The report also assesses the functionality of controlled drainage based on monitoring data. The material will be a valuable resource for farmers who are considering establishing CDS on their agricultural land.

The report in Latvian is available here: tehniskais ziņojums par kontrolētās drenāžas ieviešanu